Monday, June 20, 2011

Vacation...what I wore

Hang with me..this is a long one! Here is a breakdown of my vacation outfits, how they came together and how I felt about them. You may not care, if so I promise more shopping posts are coming soon and I will stop talking about my vacation!

1. This is what I wore for the flight and it was so comfortable I never changed that day.  Sweatshirt: Anthropologie, Tank: Only Hearts, Scarf: American Eagle, Jeans: James Perse

2. Our last min trip to the Giants' game made me do a little improvising.  Sweater: LOFT open cardigan wrapped and pinned with my Grandmother's broach, Jeans: J. Brand Lexington, Shoes: Nine West Wedges

3. This was one of the outfits I had planned out, but I did not take the chill into consideration, so I ended up wearing the jacket the whole day. Jacket: LOFT (score from Ebay for less than $15), Top: Anthropologie silk tunic, Jeans: J. Brand Lovestory Jeans, Scarf: American Eagle, Shoes: Nine West wedges

4. This ended up probably being my favorite "day" outfit of the trip and it was perfect for the chilly weather that day. Jacket: Ivory Tulle jacket picked up from a local boutique, Sweater: LOFT sweater my little brother gave me for Christmas last year, Jeans: J. Brand Lexington, Scarf: American Eagle, Shoes: Nine West wedges (surprise, surprise)

5. This was kind of a random one, still not sure if I loved it. Sweater: Black LOFT Ruffled open cardigan-wrapped and belted, Top: Chambray button-down from Banana Republic (super sale find the day before we left for our trip), Jeans: The old faithful J. Brand Lexington, Shoes: Guess peep-tow heals 

6. My favorite outfit, hands down! Top: Same Anthropologie tunic from outfit 3, Skirt: ZARA (I did not shop much on the trip, but I did pick this up one afternoon).

7. This outfit was kind of a funny story.  For brunch, I had this top on with a yellow & grey pencil skirt from J.Crew and some flat sandals, but when we arrived in Sausalito it was way too cold, so I did a "quick change" in the car with whatever I could find at the top of the suitcase.  I kind if love the tone-on-tone look, but it was totally accidental. Jacket: LOFT from 3, Shirt: Chambray button-down from Banana Republic from 5, Jeans: the "worn way too much" J. Brand Lexington Jeans.

8. Wine country at its best!  This was the only day that it was really warm the whole day. I loved the bright-on-bright with the red skirt and yellow sweater. Top: LOFT white ruffled button-down (I love this top but just realized that my mom has the exact shirt...same size and color, not so sure how I feel about that!), Skirt: LOFT, Cardigan: Old Navy (old, old, old, but I can not replace it!).

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