Friday, June 17, 2011

California Inspiration

My recent trip with Mr. Hill to California (San Francisco and Napa Valley specifically) taught me a few things.

1. Style is TOTALLY personal and everyone should own their style; be inspired by others, but don't copy them!! Make everything your own!

2. Fashion does not always mean "out there." Sometimes the simplest outfits are better than the, shall we say, original. (Seriously fishnets with cutoff shorts!)

3. Feeling confident about who you are is what matters most!

4. True beauty comes from the Creator of the Universe; He is the ultimate artist and has given us a whole world full of beautiful inspiration. 

On to a much different note, there are a few pieces that I brought with me on the trip, and while there they became my new favorites...for this week at least!

A glass shell necklace from my Grandmother's jewelry collection.

This 3/4 sleeve pique tunic sweatshirt picked up from the sale room at Anthro.  Be prepared to see this a TON this fall.

Summer-weight scarf from American Eagle. I love how it was so vivid and brightened up my outfits! I wore it almost every you can see from the previous pictures (image: Polyvore)

Tan Nine West Wedges.  Ok, so i knew I liked these so much before I left that I actually bought another identical pair for when these get worn out.

New stripped skirt from has pockets (enough said)!

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