Friday, April 29, 2011

In honor of the Royal Wedding...

I thought I would post pictures of some fabulous wedding dresses.  I am very happily married, but still LOVE wedding dresses and secretly would love to re-marry my hubby just so i could shop from another one!

Perfection from J.Crew

Another J. Crew Beauty

Love Anthro's new Wedding line: BHLND

Dreamy from Lazaro

Clean, simple and beautiful

Last, but not least: Vera

Who says you can't look cute while you sweat...

As a runner and frequent gym-goer, I spend about as much time in athletic gear as I do in "normal" clothes. When I started training for my first distance race, I decided it was time to invest in well-made, comfortable and most-importantly cute gear to keep me motivated.  Every major milestone was marked by a new little addition to my workout wardrobe. I have also found that the better I perceive I look while sweating, the harder I work!

I am gearing up for a half-marathon tomorrow and started think about the key question "what to wear."  Here is a little sneak peak into some of my favorites that are just a functional as they are fabulous!
My favorite has seen me through quite a few half-marathons and even my full.  I love the new colors and patterns!

Fun alternative to shorts and perfect for a gym day!

These crops from Lululemon may look average, but what they do for your legs is worth the high price tag!

I love the new tops from GapBody, so cute and comfy you may want to wear them outside the gym too! 
Longer length, light weight and perfect for summer runs...and cute colors too!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I love white dresses and Easter has come and gone (in that south that means white is officially "allowed") it is time to start the hunt for the perfect one! It has been a few years since I bought a white dress, but after a major closet-clean-out/eBay selling spree, I find my closet lacking in the white dress department.  Here are a few lovely ones I have my eye on. 

Simple from J.Crew...makes me wish for a trip to the beach.

I love a simple lace dress.  Paired with the right accessories, this could be a wardrobe staple for the summer!
The design of this one is perfect for a pear shape (like me)
Probably my favorite...from Milly, naturally!

Monday, April 25, 2011

personal style

To me, style encompasses so many areas and is ultimately the way you present yourself to the world. You can have your own way (or style) of doing just about everything: speaking, dressing, decorating, organizing, working...

In order to get this blog officially up and running, I thought I would share with you a little about my style and why I love leaning about others.

Hill's Style...

This is hard to narrow down; if forced to choose one, I would say I aim to be classic and put-together with a pretty/feminine bent. I am not sure I always accomplish this, but my wardrobe is always a work in progress.

Simple, neutral, clutter-free

I unfortunately tend to practice "out of site out of mind" so there are stacks everywhere of things still "to do" and a lot of things crammed in drawers that I want to be "out of mind."

I am a talker and my husband would say "over communicator."

In one word; you aspire for your style to be:

Why style?
Style is something that can be so personal, the way one presents themselves to the world around them tells a lot about who they are. I am constantly telling my husband that I want people to walk into our home and say "it looks so much like you!"

What is one word that would describe your style?