Wednesday, June 1, 2011


One of my initial style inspirations was my grandmother.  Standing just under 5', she loved big jewelry, bold colors, fur; she pulled it off with an heir of sophistication.  Her personality was even bigger than her style. She loved life and lived it fully! Some of my early memories of going to visit her were playing in her closet, walking around in her fabulous shoe collection, covering up in her fur coats!

This past weekend my family gathered for the first time since she passed away. It was bittersweet and just not the same without her.  One evening my aunts and female cousins gathered around her dining room table and went through her jewelry – each piece reminded us of her. We all took a few pieces to remember her, things I will cherish.  

The best part of the evening came when, in one of the many jewelry boxes, we found very small picture of she and my grandfather from their honeymoon.  It was right out of a James Bond movie. It was a candid shot from some where in Havana, he was in white coat and black bow-tie, she in a formal red dress with perfect hair. You can just imagine what that week must have been like. She was beautiful and will be remembered for her style among many, many other much more important things.

Who is your style-inspiration?

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