Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vacation Style

The hubs and I are planning a getaway to California in a few weeks and I am trying to get my closet ready.  I tend to make these same mistakes when packing for a trip, so I am trying to learn from the past and plan ahead.

Here are the mistakes I always make:
-Trying to wear flats and not heals/wedges. My closet has been built around that extra 4" of height on my feet, so trying to build cute outfits around flats always ends up making me feel awkward and disheveled. So this time, I have two pair of very comfy and very cute wedges that I am taking instead of trying to make flats work.
-Just throwing in a few jackets and not planning layers for cooler weather.  While it is in the 90's here, it will be in the 60's there, so I am planning out my layers this time so I can stay warm and feel put together.
-Not dressing comfortably for the flight.  I always want to look cute when we get there, so I try to dress well for the flight.  This time I am planning to bring a carry-on with my outfit for the first day and will change when we land and get settled. 
-I always forget to pack accessories; they really can make an outfit! 
-Finally, it really matters a lot less what I wear and a lot more that I have a great week building memories with my man!  So regardless of what I bring or what I forget, it is really all about the time we spend together.

What are your vacation packing rules?

Here is one outfit that is making the trip with me...one down five to go!

Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: Nine West
Scarf: AE

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