Monday, May 2, 2011

spring cleaning

What is it about spring that just makes you want to de-junk, de-clutter and make fresh starts?

The only way I can tackle the clutter, is one project at a this weekend was jewelry. I have a ton of fun & random jewelry that I find everywhere, dresser, night stand, car, office...i can't seem to keep it organized (and will confess to "misplacing" the occasional earring or necklace), so I am trying something different.  I still have a nice jewelry box my husband gave me years ago that houses my nice jewelry, but I decided to take the drawer of my nightstand and convert it to a jewelry drawer. After an hour, with no luck at Target looking for drawer organizers that would help keep everything tidy...I came up with an idea: Ice Cube Trays!  


They are perfect for small necklaces, rings and earrings!  Now each piece of jewelry has a nice tidy little cubby! I borrowed a few square serving bowls from the kitchen to house bangles and a few larger necklaces and now I feel like I can find everything!  

Any tips for getting and staying organized?  

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