Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beat the Runner's Summer Blues

Most runners will tell you that the Spring and Fall are the ideal time to enjoy training. I always find it hard to stay motivated and maintain my runs during the summer. The summer has its own benefits-longer days, lots of sunshine, trips to the beach, sundresses!
 While I would not trade those things for a long run, I do find that I need a little extra motivation during the summer.

Until fall weather arrives in a few months, I will be relying on these tricks.

1. Trying out some snazzy new sneakers.
Nike Lunar Trainer

The jury is still out on the new kicks. The color is fun and I love how light they are, but I do not love the new blisters on my heals.

2. Treadmill Workout
(Repeat for 45 mins)
With the temperatures in the triple digits, I headed inside for my workout today.   Typically 45 mins on the treadmill is torture, but the constant changes kept me engaged and I ended up with a great workout.

3. New gear.
Specifically new tops help me stay (and look) cool! 




4. If you can not beat the heat

...try out some new classes at the gym. Summer is a good time to try out a new class at the gym; they are typically less crowded in the summer and it is a good way to stay fit when the temps are brutal.

What is your tried and true tip for staying fit during the summer?

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  1. Good for you! I am trying to stay motivated to keep walking on the treadmill in our garage. When it's 100 outside, I sweat easier which makes me feel like the workout is shedding pounds/cals!